What we do

We listen

carefully to everything you tell us, to properly understand your circumstances

We learn

how your business works, and the thinking and organisation behind it

We generate

ideas and creatively process all the information to isolate each requirement and devise a solution

We create

the perfect vitaminised formula for your specific context and desired result

We propose

a specific, simple and workable solution

We assimilate

your feedback and make precise adjustments

We launch

the project side by side with you

We evaluate

the results, and fine tune the outcome

Vitaminisation will improve your team's involvement, commitment and satisfaction.

We create solutions that allow designated objectives to be reached naturally, with no need for obligation.

Our philosophy is to encourage listening and participation.

We collaborate with you to analyse your initial circumstances and establish objectives, from which we can design the solution.

VITA Engage is the ideal method for when you need:

  • To increase team engagement
  • Reinforce team structure
  • Improve communications within or between teams
  • Encourage a sense of corporate pride
Working with you has been a very satisfactory and unique experience. You are refreshing and vitaminised, and your company has done itself proud. It is very difficult to do what you do, especially with such simplicity and close collaboration. Not everybody has your good taste, and moreover, you adapt to suit the tastes of everybody.”

Executive Director of Electronic Banking at CaixaBank

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A sense of belonging and identification with the company and its values indicates the well-being of the people who make it up.

Clementina offers customised proposals designed to ensure consistency, coherence, communication and the upkeep of company culture and values.

Clementina's vitaminisation adapts itself to fit the individual objectives of each corporation. We will help to identify, communicate and manage these objectives through sessions with you and with the development of action programmes.

VITA Feel will help to:

  • Identify and communicate corporate values
  • Manage corporate culture
  • Improve the perceptions that the team has of itself and the company
  • Align the interests of members of staff with those of the company
Discovering the potential of communication is to acknowledge, to memorise, and to verbalise; to have achievements, ambitions and failures in common. Finding somebody who can take on that experience as their own and give it form creates an effective and exceptional moment. Thank you, Clementina: sweet with just the right amount of tang."

Director General at GDS Cusa

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Improvement comes with change.

The environment, technology and the market evolve, and we must change with them to see continued improvement and a competitive edge.

Beyond training schemes and repeated strategy, personal and team improvement comes from managing collective performance and encouraging and incorporating new potential.

With Clementina, you will be able to identify and supervise your team's individual and collective talents and abilities specific to each case.

VITA Improve is indicated for necessary cases:

  • Adapting and managing changes
  • Utilising collective talent
  • Incorporating (or redirecting) abilities
We have been very lucky to be able to work with great confidence and understanding. The ease of the collaboration and the perception of our ideas; and the understanding of our complexities and identity have produced a message that is modern, clear and inclusive, and allows us to keep building a multidisciplinary, committed and winning team.”

CIO at CaixaBank

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Communication is intended for the exchange of knowledge.

Teams and people often complain that they are unaware of the company's or its directors' objectives.

Alternatively, encouraging the exchange of knowledge results in shared enrichment.

VITA Know aims to boost dialogue, participation and the exchange of knowledge.

Clementina will help to identify and utilise the most efficient channels of communication.

VITA Know is the ideal solution for:

  • Managing internal communications
  • Overcoming boundaries and challenges
  • Facilitating participation and dialogue
  • Managing knowledge
Working with Clementina has been very easy. They understood how to see things from our position and we very quickly created a mutual understanding. Everything has been very straightforward. They knew how to give our communication the exact tone and style that we wanted to transmit. Their contribution has made a real difference.”

Director of Communications at Salud Mental Catalunya

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To communicate, we have to start by listening. We listen first to get to know you, then we collaborate with you to design the scheme that will vitaminise your company.

Simple, effective, and customised to your needs.

Consulting solutions can include:

  • An internal communications plan
  • Workshops, courses and seminars
  • Internal communications strategy design
  • Diagnosis
  • Presentation coaching
  • Communications management

Communication in its purest form takes place when people meet face to face.

We have to prepare what needs to be said, and how. But we also create the necessary space to invite conversation and participation.

At Clementina we are experts in vitaminising face to face contact. Unique, memorable and invaluable occasions to strengthen professional relationships.

Face to face solutions can include:

  • Events
  • Conventions
  • Off-site meetings
  • Workshops, courses and committees
  • Product presentations
  • Work-space reorganisation

Digital technology provides the platform for two-way communication.

Current 2.0 technology takes us way beyond memos, reports and other elements of vertical and one-way communication.

We design newsletters that invite participation and dialogue.

Digital solutions can include:

  • Newsletters
  • Websites for intranet, events, training and incentives
  • Banners
  • Company apps
  • Corporate social networks

Over the last ten years, the average attention span has decreased from 12 minutes to 5 seconds.* We no longer read; we scan.

Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information.**

In today's world the audio-visual format is king, and at Clementina we aim for impact - making it engaging, interesting and attractive.

Audio-visual solutions can include:

  • Video (corporative, promos, training, case studies, messages etc)
  • Photography
  • The Making Of (projects, activities etc)
  • Reports and documentaries
  • Spots

* Source: Media Bistro 2011
** Source: Forrester CSO Insights 2012

Paper is tangible and solid, and still reserves the advantage that comes with physicality.

We create magazines, reports, leaflets, and other physical media that work independently to amplify or complement a message.

We also specialise in presentations, creating content with the right focus from the very beginning.

Paper & "PPT" solutions can include:

  • Corporate presentations (as well as for project and/or product launches, and talks)
  • Presentation re-styling
  • Periodical reports (presentations of follow-up results etc)
  • Corporate or shareholders' magazines
  • Welcome pack
  • Branding
  • Creation of leaflets, triptychs and other physical media



Face to Face



Paper & “PPT”

A refreshing boost
of vitamin
for your team.


What we do

Our approach

Clementina is a communications 
agency specialising in internal communications. 

We vitaminise* professional teams in order to
stimulate and improve communication, not only
within the team itself but also with managers,
collaborators, colleagues and clients.

*Vitaminise: creating solutions with vitamin C, C for communications, for your team.

Vitamin is an essential nutrient for humans. We all know what happened to the men at sea when they didn’t get enough vitamin C, and in the same way, without effective communications, an ‘under-nourished’ team can lead to a general lack of energy, inspiration and motivation.

However, by nature, humans do not have the ability to make their own vitamin and need to source it externally.

With Clementina’s help, a vitalising dose of vitamin Communitacion will boost your team’s involvement, commitment and engagement.

After all, a healthy, happy team is a productive team.

Of course, there are other sources of vitamin C, but few are as concentrated, as sweet and as refreshing as a Clementina ;-)
What we do

Our hallmark

Business & creativity

Background in company management
Extensive experience in communications
Creative vocation
We speak your language, and we offer innovative and effective solutions.

Commitment & involvement

We like to establish a close and individual relationship with our clients; we believe your project is our project.

We place great importance on getting to know you and building a successful working relationship.

We study your case in depth to
come up with the most suitable
solution, working side by side
with you.

Clementina Vita solutions may
also include Basic

• FEEL  
• KNOW  


If you already know the
solution you need.

Clementina Basic: vitamin C,
for communication, ready to

  • PAPER & “PPT”

Meet us


We are a group of professionals with many years
of communications experience, trained within an
environment of business administration,
engineering, multimedia support and design.

Josep Alcover

Head vitaminiser

Clementina's founder. Trained in
company administration, he has always
been motivated by creativity
and the ability to see original perspectives.

He masterminds and designs the projects
that we vitaminise.

He has lost his hair, although this
doesn't explain his passion for
the Eurovision Song Contest.

Miquel Albiac

Master vitaminiser

With a background that combines finance with
event production, Miquel is our expert in
the most practical areas of vitaminisation.

He controls the projects and the finances with
his proven firm and systematic methods.

Occasionally he grows his hair and plays
guitar or drums. His talents lie in classic rock.

Óscar Criado

Video vitaminiser

He's the most extravert vitaminiser, despite
his habit of disappearing into his headphones
when he's editing.

His skills behind the camera and his editing
talents are the perfect combination for
creating the final cut.

Whenever he gets the chance, he's off to the
gym to do a class. And he has a secret – he
knows where all the best offers are at
Barcelona's restaurants.

Anika Jiménez

Graphic vitaminiser

Our expert in design layout, Photoshop,
Illustrator, InDesign and all the tools used
in professional design. Like all web designers,
she turns her nose up at Word and PowerPoint,
but as a professional she still achieves
excellent results with them.

Originally from Mallorca, she brings us ensaimada*
and sobrassada** from the island whenever she can.

*Ensaimada is a traditional Majorcan pastry

**Sobrassada is a traditional Majorcan sausage

Enric 'Iru' Isern

Broad spectrum vitaminiser

Iru is our expert in unravelling IT problems.

He is always on top of the latest developments in gadgets
and technology. He loves working with animation,
Flash, motion graphics and 3D.

Although he comes from Vilanova i la Geltrú *, he often
arrives at work on his longboard.

*Vilanova i la Geltrú is 50 Km south of Barcelona

Miquel Orovio

Narrative vitaminiser

Prior to being a member of our crew, he was
a scriptwriter and a narrative editor.
Nowadays, he is all this and more.

He is specialized in seeing, listening and writing.
With a pen and a blank piece of paper he's got
more than enough to face every project.

Despite being a book worm, he likes
strolling from time to time.

Nacho Cárdenas


Trained many audiovisual schools,
is an editing and post-production artist.

He uses the rendering free time to investigate
on new features in video editing.
He always works hard.

If we take into account his matches in the console,
he is the sportiest of all.


Carrer de Tuset, 13
08006 Barcelona
(+34) 938 110 884